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step 1

Untitled_Artwork 29.png

not sponsored. Wix just makes it super easy to build a website by adding + laying out elements visually rather than coding from scratch (but you can add code too). 

step 2

Untitled_Artwork 24.png

the video background is the basis for the interaction on PROCESS. 
I rendered the scene in blender and imported the .mp4 file directly onto the site, then set it to loop

step 3

Untitled_Artwork 25.png

I wanted each element in the video to be directly clickable (which I couldn't) 

 to kind-of achieve that, I pinned html containers over parts of the video and added buttons that linked to different 'subpages', or light boxes (explained in step 4).

Then I added a hover interaction to each one so that the button only appears once you mouse over its region.

step 4

Untitled_Artwork 26.png

light boxes are overlays that pop up on top of a webpage; for the site I used them to hold the different content I wanted to display without having to create a full page each time.

from there I inserted images, videos, text, and links - for some parts I added embed codes from Spotify and Instagram - which was as easy as copy and pasting the code they provide with their API / share menus

step 5

Untitled_Artwork 27.png

this site is designed to update, expand, and enhance over time - repeating the steps above as new elements are added

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