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Web design concept for the Museum of Peace & Quiet


Web Design - UI / UX


+Narayani Leonardo



The Museum of Peace and Quiet is a brand that creates simplistic, everyday items that evoke wellness, clarity, and enable you to focus on what matters. 

As the digital realm evolves and expands, we sought out to weave the same values the brand brings into its physical presence onto the web.
The site wouldn't just be a storefront - it would allow you to discover and experience these values through activities online.

Insights regarding the 'Zoom effect' and the pains of increased virtualization led us to design a web experience that invites users to listen, watch, and do activities to supplement, rejuvenate, and inspire their real-world experiences.


MoPQ Day Home Screen 1.png

The homepage consists of concise, serene menu navigation.

watch (reduced view) 1.png

The /watch page displays a set of meditative imagery that fills the view as the interface fades into the foreground.

Liten Screen 1.png

The /Listen page is a library of meditative soundscapes, representing the brand's sonic identity while helping users gain focus and clarity.

Do Screen 1.png

The /Do page provides curated health and wellness activities based on location, so that visitors of the site turn into visitors of the spaces in their community.

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