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UI / UX case study for automobile exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art.


UI / UX - 3D





Automania is an exhibit that brings together all things automobile - models, films, photography, posters, paintings, and physical cars - to show the history, science, and art of vehicles.

Upon exploring the exhibit, key insights were taken with the task of designing a mobile app that would enhance the overall visitor experience. 
The result is an app that enhances the exhibit through a responsive audio guide, interactive information, and an augmented-reality experience.


App Clip.png

A common pain point with apps is the act of discovering and downloading them. At an exhibit, you want to get to the experience without the wait. Using iOS App Clips, users can get a slim but powerful app experience just by scanning a code at the start of their journey.

App Screen - Menu.png

The user interface is designed with a clear layout and minimal distraction, leading users straight to the tools they need to enhance their in-person experience.

App Screen - Map.png
App Screen - Audio Guide.png

Audio tours at museums are often confined to QR codes tucked in the corners of an exhibit. When dealing with larger spaces and subjects, users need more freedom. By activating audio captions based on proximity, the experience is more akin to an audio tour guide.

AR Window 1.png
AR Window 2.png
AR Expanded Window.png

Another issue that arises when dealing with open exhibits and specifically with vehicles, is identification. Instead of surveying for small detail cards, visitors can scan the scene in augmented reality to receive more in-depth and interactive information.

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